Zwitch is an independent niche player consulting company, specializing in e-ticketing and gating (check-in/ check-out) implementations, working for governmental authorities and public transport organizations.

Implementing e-ticketing for public transport are complex trajectories. Many parties are involved and systems and processes are comprehensive. Zwitch helped many public transport body in the Netherlands with implementing their part of the game. We consult on architecture, business models, privacy, security, client processes and systems as well as on backoffice processes and systems. And above all, we manage things getting ready on time.

Zwitch consult on and organize marketing and communication, training for staff, specifying fulfillment processes, working procedures for front and back office staff and processes, specifying interfaces for operational systems and processes (financial, administrative and operational planning). We help authorities on defining specifications, setting up an open architecture and supports with procurements processes.

We work on every aspect of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems, thinking from a mulit-level architecture, from level 1 and 2 (equipment in vehicles, depots/ garages, gates and stations), level 3 (operator level) and on level 4 (multi-operator, clearing & settlement, managing the scheme).

Zwitch is a network organization, working with selected independent freelance senior professionals and associated with Zwitch BV.  Zwitch's professionals are handson experienced, working for Public Transport organizations and Authorities.

We worked for DPP Praag, Dutch Railways (NS), Rotterdam RET, Amsterdam GVB, Amsterdam Municipality Noord/Zuidlijn, Trans Link Systems BV, Ministery/Department of Infrastructure (transport) on behalf of Dutch Railways, Mobility Commerce Services BV, Regisseur Student Reisrecht BV, Computer Centrum Van der Velden BV.

As an example we have conducted a study and plan on the possibilties for an AFC's Automated Fare Collection system for the Public Transport operator in Prague (Dopravní podnik hl m. Prahy). Click here to see more.